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Transcriptionist World

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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It’s not just hitting keys.

Although it may seem to outsiders, that transcription is merely the keystrokes required in order to put on paper what is being said, the transcriber hears it as so much more.

Every time you clasp the headphones to your ears, you step into a new world.    You are sitting in a room with these people; you are listening to their words, hearing the nuances in their tone. headphones pic

Not every transcription is a dictation of a letter; more often than not you are hearing interviews, meetings, court hearings, medical assessments, disciplinary meetings. You hear the close personal details of people’s lives, things that are between you, the headphones, and the document you are working on.    The transcriber has to be impartial; listen to the words and not let them impact.  Easier said than done.   More importantly, the transcriber has to be discreet.

Sometimes, you may hear things you may not want to listen to; sometimes it may be something that has gripped your interest, but the transcription ends before you hear the conclusion.  Like the world’s best soap opera you are left hanging…

The art is stepping into the transcription world; and leaving it without another thought once you take the headphones off and press send. 

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