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Journalist Transcription Dr Who Matt Smith

Transcription for Journalists

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Fingertips transcribe interviews for journalists on a regular basis.  Our journalists are editors for various newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Telegraph, The Daily dr whoMail, Radio Times, The Guardian, Readers Digest, Culture Magazine, GQ, Ellie Magazine and many more.  Journalists write about a variety of topics including sport, news, culture, business, media and TV etc.  All their work needs research and research usually involves talking to people about their views.  We enjoy all of our journalist transcription work particularly the media/TV interviews with celebrities.  It is always enjoyable transcribing about somebody that you have seen on the television, whether it be a sports person, singer or film star.  Our transcriptionist may send me a quick email afterwards to say that was interesting, I enjoyed that, so I ask them if they could write a short paragraph about it.  Here is Angela’s review about her transcription of an interview with Matt Smith, star of Dr. Who, yesterday.

“I got quite excited today.  I was allocated the job of transcribing what I thought was going to be a boring interview which a journalist had done, entitled “Matt Smith”.  As far as I was initially aware, the journalist’s name was Matt Smith.  It wasn’t until a bit into the conversation that I heard the phase “50thanniversary” and “tomorrow night” that I realised I was actually listening to a recorded telephone conversation between a journalist and Matt Smith of Dr. Who!  Once I realised who I was listening to my interest level peaked and although Matt Smith did not reveal anything about tomorrow night’s show, or indeed the Christmas special, it was interesting to listen to, particularly at one point where Matt Smith opened his car window and shouted to a passerby that he liked his scarf, as it looked like one worn by Tom Baker!  Thank you Fingertips for this interesting and unusual audio!”

Matt Smtih was also on Graham Norton last night which I thought was a bit of a coincidence.

Thank you to our journalist clients for providing us with these great interviews.  Certainly makes a change from some of the more mundane interviews.  Needless to say, we are grateful for all the work we receive from all our clients, but everybody loves a celebrity, right?

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