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The Future of Dictation

Blog: The Future of dictation services from Fingertips Typing


The Future of Dictation

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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The digital age has moved dictation forward leaps and bounds.

Dictation and speech recognition started over 50 years ago by Alexander Graham Bell, whose wife was deaf and experimented with transmitting speech taking words and turn them into a picture that a deaf person could then understand. This is actually how he invented the telephone, not entirely solving the problem that he had set out to do, but an amazing accomplishment nonetheless.

Technology is moving fast and what is relevant today may not be fit for purpose tomorrow, this blog post will explore what the future of dictation tools may look like.

Current technology such as Apples Siri is stuff of 1970’s and 80’s sci-fi movies, who would of thought that we would be talking to our phones and tablets and actually getting an answer back!

We have come so far over the last few decades, but what else does technology have in store for us?

The Future

  • Multi-lingual – Dictation and voice recognition technology that can detect multiple languages without changing a setting.
  • Trigger Words – Using trigger words to auto detect when dictation software could be used to enable the recording.
  • MultiVoice – Some current digital dictation and voice recognition software you can train to understand you voice and your personal nuances, however if someone else uses your machine the artificial intelligence (AI) within the software can get confused. In the future software could have the ability to learn multiple voices and dialects.

I feel that there will soon be blurred lines between dictation/voice recognition software and virtual assistants. Software such as Siri was supposed to help us in our everyday lives, help us plan and organise our time better, however in reality it has fallen short of our expectations. In the future as technology advances and the difference between the two will become less distinctive, although AI still has a long way to go and to learn human behaviour and speech.

What are your thoughts on the future of dictation and transcription?

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