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How to Copywrite


Copywriting Tips

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Every organisation large or small is looking for quality content that will attract visitors to their site, convert leads to customers and share their stories of success, producing high-quality, interesting and powerful copy consistently can be hard, especially if you run out of steam.

Fingertips Typing Services offer copywriting services as part of our portfolio, which will help you beat your writer’s block, and deliver compelling content for whatever your project.

Here are some of our copy-writing tips:

  1. Know your audience – Making sure you know who you are targeting is extremely important, it will help set the tone of your copy and ensure that your content is more targeted and relevant to your audience. Think about:
    1. Who is this article/e-mail/brochure/website going to?
    2. What’s important to your audience?
    3. How old are they?
    4. What are their demographics?
    5. What products or services have they purchased from you in the past and why?
  2. Have an objective – What’s the purpose of your communication? What action do you want the reader to take afterwards?
  3. Ensure your subject line is compelling – This will convince your audience to read what you have written and grab their attention. Also, try to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less, including spaces.
  4. Do your research – The best articles and subsequently copywriters are those that are researched. Finding the most valuable information, facts, figures, and examples will help make your content more interesting to the reader. The more information you have, the more you can play with, you can explore subjects more.
  5. Add personality – Providing your audience with a unique voice and style will differentiate your article from others. If your brand has its own personality then make sure that the voice you use, style and word choice under pins your values and USP, whilst still matching it to your target audience’s needs.
  6. Attention grabbing headline – According to advertising and copywriting guru David Oglivy, five times as many people read the headline as read the rest of the copy. So make sure that you are grabbing those readers!
    1. Write the copy first and pull out your strongest phrases to include in the headlines, this will not only ensure that your headline matches your subject copy but also help with SEO.
    2. Paint a vivid picture of the subject you are trying to convey
    3. Keep it simple, STUPID! – Opt for simple and straightforward headlines rather than complicated and clever ones that could alienate a section of your target audience
  7. Avoid jargon – Everyone hates jargon, make sure that what you are saying is straightforward and easy to understand. This will make your message clear and concise and ensures that your audience understands what you are trying to tell them.
  8. Back up your claims – It sounds really simple, but so many people forget to do this. By backing up your claims you will build trust and credibility, winning over even the most sceptical of readers. Include:
    1. Facts and figures
    2. Testimonials
    3. Case Studies
    4. Real Life stories or examples

If you think you could benefit from our copywriting services, then drop us a line, we have a great team of talented and experienced writers that will help you ensure that you get your message across to your customers and help you drive your sales forward.

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