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Essay Proofreading Services

You’ve done all the hard work researching and writing, but now you’re asking, “Who can proofread my essay?” Well, Fingertips’ has the answer. We can’t guarantee a top grade, but our experienced and detail-focused essay proofreading experts can ensure that your essay is free from errors of spelling, grammar, syntax and linguistics.

If you haven’t used an essay proofreading service before or are worried about the costs – you can be assured that our UK-based proofreaders work to the highest standards with very competitive rates – and we offer a student discount!

Our experienced essay proofreaders can also provide detailed feedback and suggestions to help you improve your school or university essay submissions.

Much as you might be tempted to rely on online essay proofreading services or even family and friends, our paper proofreaders are experienced professionals, with superior skills in a variety of proofreading fields. Our essay and paper proofreaders offer a value-for-money way to ensure that you can submit a flawless essay.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion and a quote! We are looking forward to hearing from you.