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Helen Cruse loves transcribing about Higher Education

Transciption Higher Education

Helen Cruse loves transcribing about Higher Education

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Higher Education – I transcribe each week about the QAA, and with two children at University, it is a constant source of information for me.   The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education monitors the Quality of Higher Education for students, and ensures that with reviews they continually strive to improve the quality and standard of the whole educational experience for students.

They have also introduced me to some interesting concepts – Coursera, and EdX, which are online courses which ANYONE can undertake and gain certificates of completion in any range of subjects from a vast array of World Class Universities across the world. You can find the QAA on Twitter: @QAAtweets

Corporate Finance

Another interesting topic is that of the World of Venture Capital and Corporate Finance.  Frequently I have transcribed their informative videos and have actually picked up knowledge from the videos which I have been able to regurgitate, sounding exceptionally knowledgeable and astonishing everyone.


I transcribed a series of videos discussing Hussain– a descendant of Muhammad, the founder of Islam.  Not being religious at all, I found these articles very interesting to listen to and certainly increased my knowledge of Islam.

Transcriber – Helen Cruse.

Posted by Cathy Bennett

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