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30 of the strangest British sayings and their meanings - Fingertips Typing

To show British sayings and their meanings


30 of the strangest British sayings and their meanings

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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For our latest article, we wanted to write something fun and engaging. Below are 30 of the funniest British sayings and their origins. Some date back centuries, whilst others from the 20th century and from WW2. The meanings to some of them are very interesting and we would love to hear if you could expand on any. Millennial children and young adults will probably never have heard of some of these sayings. How many do you know? Let us know your thoughts and whether your parents or grandparents used to, or still say these sayings. We come up with over 100 hundred sayings and phrases but we had to narrow it down to 30. We will do another blog in the near future with some more.

I hope you enjoy reading them.


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