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Transcription of Interview with Julie Walters - Fingertips Typing

Transcription of Interview with Julie Walters

Celebrity Julie Walters Transcription TV

Transcription of Interview with Julie Walters

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Transcribed by Kate King

Julie Walters is one of my favourite actresses of all times and I have had the privilege of transcribing a short interview with her about her new role in BAFTA-winning Jack Thorne’s 4-part drama commissioned by Channel 4 called NATIONAL TREASURE, examining the impact, both public and private, of accusations of historic sexual offences against a fictional much-loved public figure.  The series is a timely exploration of truth, memory, trust and family.  Julie plays Marie who has been married to Paul Finchley (Robbie Coltrane – Harry Potter, Cracker, Tutti Frutti).  Paul is one half of a much-loved comedy double act – a cherished household name with a career that spans several decades. He’s not quite as successful as he once was, but nevertheless he’s frequently recognised on the street, affectionately called upon by taxi drivers to repeat his famous catchphrase and is a familiar face in the TV schedules. He’s a bona fide national treasure. But, in the face of accusations of historic sexual offences from the 1990s, the life of this adored comedian begins to unravel.

BAFTA-nominated Andrea Riseborough (The Devil’s Whore, Birdman, Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley) plays Dee, Paul’s daughter. Deeply troubled and a recovering addict, the accusations levelled against her father threatens her recovery, and the public and private fallout from the case compounds the difficulties she already faces from fragile state of mind.

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