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Working in a heatwave

How are you finding working in the heat


How are you finding working in the heat

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Well it has been in the high 20’s and even 30 degrees the last couple of weeks and the weather is here to stay for another month at least, weather forecasters have predicted. One of my friends posted on Facebook earlier that she was struggling to keep her eyes open at work. Well if you think it is hot here, take a look at the temperature in Death Valley, California. Today was 48 degrees and Thursday is 50 degrees. Gosh, can you imagine being in that? I bet they aren’t getting their BBQs out! Apparently the valley is set between two mountains and the heat reflects off the rocks which is why it gets so hot. You can read about it in the Metro.

I would also like to pay my respects to the soldiers who died in Wales yesterday whilst on training. Whilst I do think they should not be out training in thick suits, boots and heavy baggage, trekking up and down hills for 18 miles in this heat, as the news reporter said, it is this hot in Afghanistan all the time. I know I couldn’t train like that in this heat and my condolences go out to their families. You can read more about this at Sky News.

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