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University Transcription

University Transcription

University transcription is often required by students for analysing their interviews.  We can provide line numbering for easy referencing.  We can also provide your work in a ‘script’ style format which identifies each participant by their initials, reference number or name each time they speak.  We can also insert time codes as often as you need them enabling you to easily locate specific parts of your transcript easily.

Transcription within universities, colleges and institutions will need to be provided in either in verbatim, intelligent verbatim or discourse analysis.  Please go to the home page and select the Transcript Examples button to view examples of the different types of verbatim options.

Many of our clients send work to us on an ongoing basis.  We also accept work from clients on a one off basis.

The university transcription services we provided include one to one interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, interviews recorded via Zoom, Microsoft teams or Skype, lectures, conferences, SRT files and captioning, workshops, seminars and any other type of academic transcription work.

We also type dissertations, thesis and essays.  We can also format your transcript so that it is compatible with Nvivo.

We can also provide translation work from your audio or written documents.

Please discuss your requirements with us and will work closely with you to work to your exact requirements.

Types of transcription from university departments:

  • Marketing and research interview transcription
  • Student transcription and research interview transcription
  • Lecture transcription
  • Roundtable session transcription
  • Oral history interview transcription
  • Presentation transcription
  • Academic symposia transcription
  • Transcription of speeches
  • University research project transcription
  • One to one interview transcription
  • Focus group transcription
  • Postgraduate transcription


“I would like to say that this is more than excellent work. This is professional work and on time. I could not expect something better. I will recommend to all of my colleagues your services, and also I will use your services again in the future.  Thank you very much”.
S. Pezzana – Student

Please contact us today to discuss your university transcription requirements.

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