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Intelligent Verbatim Without Slang

Intelligent Verbatim Without Slang

This involves using a common sense approach in order for the final transcript to include all the important and relevant information of the dictation.  The bulk of our work is Intelligent Verbatim transcription.

Include introductory comments at the beginning and closing comments at the end, unless the client states otherwise.

In Intelligent Verbatim, we remove all habits of speech, such as ‘erm’, ‘er’, ‘you know’, ‘know what I mean’, etc. (Some may be left in for clarity). Correct speech abbreviations such as can’t, we’re, I’ll, I’ve, etc. to be retained.

Content such as ‘wanna’or ‘gonna’ should be changed to ‘want to’ and ‘going to’.

It is imperative that everything being said is captured, sentences flow and are punctuated properly.  We will leave out false starts and repeated words that don’t add anything of meaning, e.g. ‘Would you…, am I right in understanding that you would-’ only needs to be ‘Am I right in understanding that you would-’ or ‘There are two…, two answers to every question’ only needs to be ‘There are two answers to every question’.


Example intelligent verbatim interview (without slang)_2013_06 [504603]


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