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Books & Novels Proofreading Services

You might not spot that error, but you can be sure your reader will! Books & novels proofreading is so important! The pressure authors are under to produce books to keep up with modern consumer demand means that there is more margin for error. Additionally, changes to publishing methods means that there are more niche publishers and a trend for self-publishing. As a result, proofreading books is very different than it was previously and we can meet the demand for a different and more ‘on-demand’ style of books & novels proofreading service.

Speed of production is important, but accuracy and attention to detail even more so. Whether you are an individual author or a small publishing company with no in-house book or novel proofreading, we have a team of specialist book proofreaders ready to bring polish to your creative output.

We can work across all genres of fiction, non-fiction and academic writing. Whether your project is a short story, novel, script, poetry, children’s book or textbook, we can tailor our book proofreading services and quotation to your individual requirements.

Let us help you to make your book the best it can be; contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.