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Academic Proofreading Services

We work for a wide range of respected universities and institutions within and beyond the UK, across all academic disciplines. Our academic proofreading services are among the best in the UK!

Errors of grammar, spelling and syntax creep into lengthy academic works all too easily, and we’re aware how many hours, days and weeks you spend on your academic writing.

We provide proofreading services for students and seasoned lecturers alike. Whatever level you are at, it’s easy to become ‘error-blind’ and that’s where we can help. Let our academic proofreading services team be your second pair of eyes to protect your credibility and support your academic success.

Our professional academic proofreaders pride themselves on their eagle-eyed accuracy. If there’s a misplaced apostrophe, they’ll spot it. They will go through your paper, dissertation, essay, funding application, proposal with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that appropriate academic style, tone and syntax have been deployed.

Our skilled and meticulous team is highly experienced in academic proofreading and no subject is too complex – we will consider all specialisms. We know that academic proofreading needs distinct specialist skills and our proofreaders are experienced, educated and well-versed in academic style conventions.

Our academic proofreading services are second to none and our track record will give you the confidence to put your work in our hands. If your work needs more than proofreading, talk to us about our academic editing services as well.

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