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Mini Disc Transcription

We produce transcription from mini discs.  Mini disc transcription is recommended for recording interviews, focus groups, roundtable discussions, group meetings, conferences and lectures as they produce a good clear recording.  We have mini disc recorders at our offices so if you only have the mini disc, we can play it for you.

Mini discs or mini disks are of exceptional sound quality and were a massive step up from tape recorders.  They are as clear as digital recordings so transcribing these recordings is a pleasure.

Mini disc transcription software was never manufactured so each recording has to be recorded.  The most effective way to do this is to transfer the mini disc audio to the PC using our specialist software.  Loss of sound quality is minimal.  This then becomes a voice file which we can transcribe using our transcription software.  We can input time stamps for any unclear audio in order that you can listen to that point in the audio and try to fill in any gaps.  We can provide you with a digital copy of the recording in mp3 format if you require.

Due to advances in digital technology, mini discs are not commonly used anymore but, as with VHS video files, the need arises for transcription now and then and Fingertips are the service that you need for transcription of any audio, whether it be from old style recording software or digital.

There is an interesting article about why the mini disc faded out.  A few reasons being:

  • Price tag was too high especially for the target market such as teens and students.
  • Around the time it was on the market, mp3 recorders become available.
  • Apple introduced the I-Pod

The introduction of the I-Pod in the early 2000’s was the final nail in the coffin for the mini disc player.

Show clients what a mini disc looks like

A mini disc player, now obsolete. You can read the article here:

The end of the Sony Minidisc (


Fingertips are up to date with the new GDPR regulations. We can provide documents on request and answer any questions. For 95% of our transcription services, UK transcribers are used.

We do have a few other transcribers overseas but they are covered by GDPR regulations.


Fingertips are registered with The Data Protection Act.  Our transcribers all sign confidentiality agreements.

Our file transfer system uses secure HTTPS and TLS (Transport Layer Security) processing. This ensures that files being uploaded and downloaded across the Internet are encrypted for added privacy.

Files on our servers also employ “Encryption At Rest”. This means that even in the unlikely event that stored files would be misplaced or stolen they are encrypted with AES-256. In addition, the three components of Encryption At Rest (encrypted files, encryption keys, and encryption/decryption processing) are each on separate servers.

Deleted files can be recovered within 72 hours.