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Dictaphone to Text Transcription

Dictaphone, although a trademark, has become the generic term for any hand-held sound recording device such as DVRs (digital voice recorders). There are also several apps for iPhones and Android phones which you can use to turn your smartphone into a dictaphone. Or you can use one of the many dictaphone online apps to download your recording to your computer.

Whether you are recording letters, memos, interviews, articles or your best-seller novel, Fingertips dictaphone typing services can turn your dictation from any kind of dictaphone to text, accurately and precisely.

Our team of skilled and experienced transcriptionists will take the utmost care to achieve the highest levels of attention to detail and accuracy in transcribing your recordings. They have experience in all types of dictaphone recordings, and many of them are subject specialists.

Recording from your phone

With the advancement of the smart phone it is now simple and easy to record using your phone. The recordings are clear, easy to transfer and eliminate the need to purchase a Dictaphone. However, this is not so good for the dictation industry as eventually the old fashioned dictaphone may well become obsolete. There are many free recording apps that you can download and use to record your transcriptions. Many let you record for as long as necessary at no extra cost as well.

Digital recorder

The digital recorder will enable you to dictate your audio and transfer it wirelessly to your computer for upload. Many recorders produce DSS files which are the smallest in megabytes and therefore upload to our system super fast.  It also makes the recording easy to attach to an email.  Other recorders produce MP3 files and other file extensions that will all transfer to our system.  We have received files of 500MB – 1GB although smaller is preferable as downloading the files can be a simple process or it can be lengthy depending our transcriptionists broadband speed. 

Mini cassette recorder

We do occasionally receive recordings on mini cassettes.  The client may have some old tapes that need transcribing or simply still has this type of recorder.  One of our transcriptionists transcribes on a monthly basis for our client in this way.  A mini cassette transcription is used instead of the digital transcription system in order that the tapes can be typed up efficiently.

Micro cassette recorder

As above, some clients still use the mini or micro cassette types of recorders.  The mini cassette seemed to be more popular and common that a micro cassette but we can transcribe from both.  Please post us your micro cassettes and we will record them into a digital file for incorporation into our digital software.  We can provide the digital recording to you as well.


We can transcribe from a Grundig recorder although we have never had a request for this.  We have a Grundig transcription machine, so if there is ever a need for this transcription, we are ready to go!

Confidentiality and security guaranteed.

We review and proofread all materials for spelling, grammar, syntax etc.

We provide high quality transcripts at competitive prices. Our rates vary according to number of speakers and quality of recording.

If you require further information on our dictaphone transcription services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

We also provide phone call transcription, meetings transcription, voicemail transcription