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Conference Transcription

Conference transcripts can be required by medical professionals, legal, property, financial instructions, students and universities and corporate organisations.  Basically all professionals take part in conferences as part of business development.  There are usually one or two speakers, sometimes more, and then the final part consists of questions and answers from the audience.  There can also be different sessions spreading over the course of a day.

Conference transcription usually requires a transcript using intelligent verbatim.  This ensures you receive the full recording but eliminating any unnecessary conversation like ems and ars, and, you know, etc. The transcript will list each speaker and their presentation and the times if required.  It is helpful if an agenda is provided to us beforehand in order that we can research the speaker’s names, the times they start and finish including breaks.

We accept digital and all analogue formats.

Types of conference transcript you may require typing:

  • Board meetings
  • Minutes transcription
  • Corporate meeting transcription
  • Drug study trials
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Surveys and market research transcription
  • Trade shows
  • Research interview transcription
  • Seminar transcription
  • Presentations
  • Focus group discussions
  • Lecture transcription
  • Corporate meeting transcription
  • Single speaker seminar: A host introduces the speaker.  The speaker gives a lecture followed by discussion with the audience.  A host introduces a speaker, that speaker talks and concludes.  A different speaker then lectures and concludes, the host returns and wraps up the session.
  • Multi speaker seminar: A host introduces a team of speakers.  A panel of speakers talks and takes questions from an audience. Hosts introduce two or more speakers who then give a joint presentation.

Conference Call Transcription

Conference call transcription is generally audio transcribed from a telephone conversation with three or more people.  Everybody dials into the same call and the discussion is recorded into audio.

With todays advances in technology, conference calls can now also be recorded via platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Hangouts.

Many businesses, research facilities, educational institutions and legal entities across the globe are relying on online conference call platforms to keep connected with staff and clients, and to conduct important meetings and critical research.


“Many thanks for the professional approach. It is a very intense exercise, and your support is very much appreciated”.
Laurence, Cinetique

“Fingertips Typing always provide an prompt and professional service, and their work is always accurate, with a quick turn around time. The staff are incredibly helpful, and I would recommend the company to anyone that required a hard working company to provide a quick and accurate service.”
Katy Noonan Pri Med

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